To Andrew Thompson Education. Here you will find all of the resources you need to revise and consolidate every topic in mathematics from Entrance Exams and SATs to GCSE. Click on the curriculum area in the banner above and then select the topic. There will be several exam style questions with the answers included as a separate link so you can assess how well you’ve done.

Entrance Exams

For those studying for the formal entrance exams for grammar schools there is a specific curriculum that needs to be worked through that includes verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and English alongside the mathematics from this website.  The exam format is also significantly different to any used in schools so it can be useful to sit mock examinations throughout the year to gain an insight into the process, target areas to work on, build up exam technique and reduce anxiety.   There are a number of companies that run these but we host four each year for small numbers of students where full feedback is given over the phone. These run in:

  • November (towards the end of the month)
  • March (towards the end of the month before the Easter holidays)
  • July (at the start of the month)
  • August (at the end of the month)/ September (at the very start of the month)

If you would like any further information or would like to reserve a place then please get in touch using the contact details at the base of this page.  Please note that, in order to provide detailed feedback, places are limited.

Secondary School

Preparing for exams can be difficult, whether it is an end of term test or your final GCSEs.  You may be given a list of topics to revise and, if so, the best way to revise these is to try some exam style questions (selected from the tabs above and then from the levels appropriate to your age group and ability), then refer to your notes or seek help if you cannot see how the answers were derived.  If you are revising for your GCSEs then work through all the topics from levels 1-5 if you are doing the Foundation papers or levels 3-9 if you are doing the Higher papers.  This can be daunting but it is a finite list that can be worked through rather than feeling as though revision is an endless task.

When you are ready, try some of the exams from the past few years to see how you well you would do in an actual exam. Prioritise any areas you’ve struggled with, work on these then try these individual topics from the relevant sections above.

Click here for Past Exam Papers


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